Hulli Drill

OC6 Hulli Drill Process

All paddlers will be trained for when a Huli occurs, so they are somewhat prepared with knowledge and understanding on how to recover.

A Huli or Capsize is when the outrigger loses balances are rolls over into the water. This can happen with little or no warning. Causes may include paddlers moving their weight side to side with paddle changes, wave and wind conditions under the ama. All paddlers should practice sitting up straight and flexing forward.

Remain calm, think and act accordingly.

Seating position duties – this is just a guide, if a situation does occur, the steerer will call instructions on who to do what role. As it depends on paddlers experience, strength and ability.

Seat 1 Responsible for gathering paddles and personal gear (drink bottles etc) that might be floating away.

Seat 2 Along with seat 5, you are to swim to the ama and in timing with seat 3 & 4 as they lift the canoe, you are to push the ama up out of the water using a scissor kick for power.
Seat 3 Along with seat 4, you are to climb over the canoe and lift the ‘Iakos'(arms attaching the hull to the outrigger) to flip the canoe over to the correct side.
Seat 4 See Seat 3.
Seat 5 See seat 2.
Seat 6 When the Huli has just occurred, you are responsible for making a head count to insure all paddlers have surfaced and are ok. You then give instructions to help flip the canoe back over. You are to look out for any dangers and make decisions to keep your team safe.

Once the canoe has been flipped over, the strongest 2 paddlers will enter the canoe and start bailing the water out. All other paddlers are to be hanging onto the canoe to keep safe. Seat 1 can add all paddles and equipment back into the boat. Do not try to bail from outside of the boat. Bailing is most efficient done in a seated position with a swinging action. scoop and throw. It is best to bail as fast as you can, so that when the boat is half empty of water, everyone can jump back in and paddle to safer water conditions if needed.

The video below, is a great tutorial on how this works.