What to Wear

What you should wear and bring paddling

  • Tshirt/rashi
  • Board shorts
  • Shoes / Thongs / Crocs / Wetsuit booties
  • Suncream
  • Hat/cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Drink bottle
  • A change of clothes and a towel


  • It’s often hot and sunny, so remember to wear sun protection and bring water, drink some before you leave too
How to Join - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club
What to wear & bring paddling? - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club


  • Loose pants or shorts or if you get cold easily then track pants or thermals
  • Comfortable tshirt, or swimming rash shirt and a light jacket or a vest without arms
  • If it’s real cold you might want a beanie, especially at 5:30am when its windy
  • Once you start paddling, your body will warm up and some clothing may not be required.


Life jackets required if you can’t swim 400m

  • If you can’t swim 400m let the crew know so they can put a life jacket on you before leaving the boat ramp.
  • If you have your own safety approved life jacket please bring that with you.
  • A demonstration of how to use a self inflating life jacket may be required.

Annual swim test

Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club conduct an annual swim test which each member is to complete to ensure they are capable of swimming 400m in the harbour / ocean along with huli drills. If you have any problem with your ears around when we are doing the tests you may like to look at getting some suitable natural wax earplugs from a local store.