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The Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club (NOCC) caters for all people who are interested in the sport of outrigger canoeing. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite paddler,a total novice or want a unique team building or corporate event experience – we can cater for you.There have been outrigger paddlers in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie for many years, and in July 2009 a core group of enthusiastic paddlers decided to form Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club. We compete in regattas throughout NSW and at times further afield. We also have community involvement in fundraising activities, come and try days and WEA Training courses.

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Going Paddling

If you are thinking of coming paddling or want to find out more about outrigging this is where to start. For an absolute novice please start here, the essential info for new paddlers. If you would like to know what to wear and bring when you come paddling, these are the guidelines. A general guide to outrigging you can print: PDF 1 : PDF 2 For session info see ‘where and when’ To speak with the club coach call Steve on 0408 59 43 40 or email. Other contacts are listed here club contacts

Testimonials from our happy paddlers!

“I love being on the water in all various conditions. It’s easy to think that it might only be fun to be on the water in sunny or calm conditions, but I’ve grown to love paddling in all conditions. There’s something about the connection with the natural world, facing the challenge of big seas, strong winds, driving rain, as well as the serenity of the calm, the beauty of the sunrises and sunsets, the close encounters with wildlife – it makes me feel fully alive.
I also love the comradery. Paddlers are a wonderful bunch of people.  I love that it’s a team sport, a pairs sport or a solo sport – depending on how you’re feeling.”

“fitness, friendship & fun”

“The people – brilliant people – tough, kind, compassionate, reliable”

“I love being ON the water – not just looking/observing – but on (and sometimes  IN) the water. I live the increased fitness I can feel and see ( my husband says I’m much stronger!) I love  the training/ learning from such knowledgeable and patient coaching staff. I love the banter! Love that I’m out in the dark when most are still in bed!!!”

“I did Dragon Boat first and I like being able to paddle distances and change sides – Plus camaraderie – the very many friendly people in the club”

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