What is Outrigger Canoeing?

Outrigger Canoeing water sport originated in the Hawaiann region. the Canoes having a single hull and am outrigger float (ama) on the left hand side for balance. The ama will provide stability in rough waters, if paddlers lean to far to the right, the canoe will tip over into a Hulli (capsize).

The outrigger is made for rough water conditions and that’s what makes it so much fun. The paddle, or blade, used by the paddler is single sided, with either a straight or a double-bend shaft. We supply paddles at our club for all beginners, more advanced paddlers will buy and bring along their own paddle.
A variety of boat types exist, including the OC1, OC2, OC3, OC4 and OC6 with the respective number of paddlers in each canoe. The steerer will always sit at the back of the boat. At Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club we have 4 OC6’s, 2 OC2’s and 2 OC1’s. You are also welcome to bring your own Outrigger along.
The season for regattas (races) runs from approx September right through to May. There is some events during winter. Races are optional and teams are based before each event depending on who is available to race in a team. Races are either Novice 4km, Short Course 8-10km & Long course 18-25km. We all travel and compete in many local events, from Canberra up north to Port Macquarie, Sunshine Coast and Hamilton Island.

About Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

OC6 Outrigger Canoe

At Newcastle Outriggers, our OC6’s get used 5 times per week.  We have a total of 5 canoes, 3 of which are training canoes and used for every day training and we have 2 racing Kamanu’s for regatta events. The outrigger seats 6 people, the first 5 will paddle and the 6th person will steer and coach the crew.

OC2 Outrigger Canoe

At Newcastle Outriggers, we have 2 training and 2 racing OC2’s. These canoes fit just 2 people. The front person usually steers the boat, and the back person keeps in times and calls the huts. A great way to improve your technique, get to know the water and trust the vessel you are paddling on.

Outrigger Canoeing - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club
Outrigger Canoeing - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

OC1 Outrigger Canoe

At Newcastle Outriggers, we have just 1 OC1 canoe. This canoe is perfect for really getting to know your own limitations and strengths. By paddling an OC1, you can refine your paddling technique correctly, as you can feel just how much water you are pulling under the canoe.