Thunderbelly musical

Hi everyone,
Attached are details for our next social activity; “Thunderbelly: the musical”
What:  Dinner & show
WhenSat 19th March
Cost: $50
Time: 6:30pm
Where: Merewether Uniting Church hall, Glebe Road
Why: Because it will be fantastic fun…and to get to know each other in dry clothes on solid land…and to support a local group.
RSVP:  To me by 5pm Monday 8th Feb.  Payment to follow.  We have the opportunity to book a group and need numbers asap. 
Check out this link for more info.  Will you be brave enough to dress up????? If you can face big seas then dressing up is nothing…go on…I dare you!
To set the scene…..
We’re in Sydney in the ’20s ….with the underbelly of the criminal world …..where the Queens are fighting it out to be Top Dog [or to be literary correct, Top Bitch] …..that’s Queen of Tarts – Tilly Devine – who runs the The Bakery, which specialises in Tilly’s Tarts and where that white powder floating in the air has nothing to do with flour or icing sugar! …..and the Bar Queen – Kate Leigh – who reigns supreme over the booze and gambling action in the city.
BOOTLEG DINNER on the 3 Saturday nights of the Season Run you can book [if you’re quick] for a 3-course dinner/show ticket.
Now of course, we’re in the 1920’s and booze is illegal isn’t it?  But a 3-course dinner without a glass of wine?!?!?!  Really?!?!  shhhhhh …smuggle it in and we won’t tell! 
But be careful!
The Prohibition Police will no doubt be on patrol.  However, palms will be greased and the PPP will turn a blind eye for DINERS only.
The same cannot be said tho’ for show-only ticket holders on these nights – non-diners who attempt to smuggle in their illicit, sly grog will face the full wrath of the PPP and be frog-marched into the back lane for ‘rehabilitation’.

**For those who are keen to get into the Swing,  wear your 20’s outfits and add to the fun of the night!
RSVP:  ASAP to Vicki