Pan Pacific Master games Nov 2018

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We are starting to make preparations for the Pan Pacs in November. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pan Pacs, have a look around

Racing dates: 10 / 11 November. You need to register on Friday and don’t finish racing til Sunday afternoon so travel plans should consider this.

We went as a club in 2016 and had an absolute ball… and brought back some serious winning bling! We have two units reserved for us on the Gold Coast already. We can amend this if numbers require. I have been looking at flights and there are multiple flights Newcastle to Brisbane and a few each day Newcastle to Gold Coast. The most economical flights are to Brisbane. You can then catch the train to the Gold Coast for about $65 return. If you take the early flight from Newy (6am) and return about 3pm on the Monday, the flights will cost you about $140 return.

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