Pacific Dragons Regatta 2018

Pacific Dragons Regatta 2018 -

OC1/OC2 and V1 Race Long and Ultra Short All Divisions
Briefing at 7:15am
Race start at 7.30am
Distance 4km and 12km

Junior, Novice and Ultra Short All divisions OC6 Race
Briefing at 8:45am
Race start at 9:15 am
Distance 4km

Short Course All Divisions OC6 Race
Briefing at 9:30am
Race start at 10:00pm
Distance 8km

Long Course Mixed and Women’s OC6 Race
Briefing at 11:15am
Race start at 11:45am
Distance 12km

Long Course Men’s OC6 Race
Briefing at 11:15 am
(same time as LC Mixed & Women – any updates to steerers will be provided at 1:30pm before race start)
Race start at 1:45pm
Distance 12km

Pacific Dragons Regatta 2018 -