Newcastle Outrigger Open Day

Have you been interested in trying a new sport and want to meet new people and get fit for summer ? We welcome you to come and try the sport of Outrigging with Newcastle Outriggers.

What happens on an open day ?

You will arrive at Horseshoe Beach around 9am you will meet new faces who will welcome you with smiles and support.

Our Coach will guide you through how to hold the paddle, the paddle stroke, the positions of each person in the outrigger, safety precautions of being in the outrigger.

You will then get into the OC6 (6 person outrigger), and the canoe will drift from the edge of the beach. Then the fun begins, you paddle in timing with your team members and go for a small tour of Newcastle Harbour.

While learning to paddle for the first time, and taking in the view of Newcastle from the water we will paddle for around 20-30 mins and then come back to Horseshoe Beach where you will be greeted and can have a chat about your new experience.

Day and Time

Saturday 7th October

Arrive at Horseshoe Beach (Doggy Beach) at 9am

What to bring:

Wear some clothes that are suitable to get wet as you jump in and out of the boat.

Water to drink after your paddle and sunblock to protect your skin

What does NOCC provide for me?

A Paddle, life jacket and a canoe

I have more questions, who can I talk to ?

Call Stephen Dawes the Club Coach on 0408 594 340

I would like to come and try outrigging!

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