New Training Schedule

Steerers / Coaches / Assistants,

  1. I want crews to get used to doing 11 stroke sets ie call ‘hut’ on the 10th stroke.  Hopefully this may help to keep a bit more power on the back end of each set.

IMPORTANT to get changes perfect with no wasted first stroke. Will need to emphasize the call “focus on last stroke before the change and then power up the first 4 strokes after the change”…….

  1. I still wish to see all training sessions include the interval session work as outlined previously (ask me if your brain is blank).

In case feel intimidated to ask a  sample session below…….need to aim for 15 – 20 mins max effort :

10 sets of 3 sets on (mini race starts), 1 set  recovery.  1 minute rest.

Repeat the above.

Repeat above but reduce to 8 sets of 4 on, 2 off……TOTAL Effort = 920 strokes , 14 minutes

***This is applicable to new paddlers, may need to break it up a bit,  thankyou

  1. Endurance / sprint session:

The following is some distances between EACH red channel marks on Newcastle Harbour….ie approx 800m except the gap in front of Horseshoe Beach….ie aim for 4 minutes sprint each gap

For a training run suggest :

Warm up + ballet + ?? to Crown Plaza Buoy –

Out bound:   Race start sprint between each buoy.     Have a 1 Minute stop without drifting too far between..

In Bound:  higher intensity but shorter…..  paddle approx  half of each gap as  recovery/stroke correction / training  (hit/glide, ballet, half boat, ? ) and then sprint approx the last 3 – 400m to red   buoy. 1 minute stop at each buoy. As a variation, reverse this & sprint the first half of a gap and then do stroke correction etc as recovery.

Total effort = 30mins

Distances between red buoys Newcastle harbour.

Crown Plaza  850m

Brewery 790

Pilot Station 1000

Nobby’s 800

Harbour Entrance 830

Wave Rider

TOTAL:  4.23 km

Tip of Southern Break wall to Wave Rider buoy = 900m

Stephen Dawes

Coach NOCC