Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes

7am Saturday 23rd September

Newcastle Outrigger and Makai Lakes will be joining each other in a longer training session. Starting from Carrington, we will paddle down towards Merewether Beach. Assessing the weather, skill levels and fitness of our crews, we may turn around at Bar Beach (approx 18km return).  Approx 22km to Merewether and return.

Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -

Summary of the day!

Well the social day to Bar Beach was a day to remember! Makai Lakes missed out on all the fun.

13 of us, 2 x oc6 (seated 6 and 5) and 2 x oc1 (Phils canoe got a beaut blessing) headed off from Carrington to see if we could get to Merewether Beach. Steve had done a drive by and noticed the beaches were flat as, so we took some money so we could stop for coffee.

Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -

As we got to the end of the breakwall, daddy seal was sunbaking on the rocks.. it took a few looks for Sharon to recognise him, and then she squealed with delight!

Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -

As we were headed down south we took the inline right next to the beach and rocks, a couple of dolphins greeted steves boat and went right underneath ! (the come out to say hello to kev jnr again!)

Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -

As we come into bar beach, steve’s crew infront had a small wave, their entrance and beach landing was smooth as as they jumped out and pushed the canoe up.. however my crew got a spectacular entrance with a huge wave pushing us in.

The front of the canoe slammed onto the sand as the wave water had disappeared from underneath us. The wave broke across my back and swampped us as we had skidded up the sand now almost side on. Everyone jumped out, a few fell over (ben ran off) as we all know thats how broken legs happen and to get away from an unstable canoe. Thankfully Jim, Steve and surf life saving guys ran over to help stabilise the canoe as it did a 180’c turn, we all got pumped from the following waves, to then we bailed the water to push her up on the beach.

Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -
Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -
Merewether Training Day with Makai Lakes -

We had skidded right up into the slsc days ceremony section with hundreds of on lookers – I can only hope that someone got a photo of us coming in.

The SLSC guys were very happy to assist us. Thankfully, no canoes or people were harmed (my biggest fear in steering is putting us in danger), but considering i managed to keep us straight for the most part, resulted in the best possible outcome. Lessons to be learnt in everything we do.. 3.5 yrs and still no unexpected hullis, i will keep the beach landings on my list hahaha

Thanks to Rachel M.’s gogro footage, we have a top notch video to remember always!!

We then had a well earned coffee from the local cafe, the trip home was slow and peaceful, the bodies were hurting by the time we got back. 21kms in 3.5hrs

Most of us enjoyed brunch and coffee at the bowlo, the smiles, the adrenaline, the atmosphere of today is what i love about outrigging.

Thanks to everyone! and looking forward to the next one 🙂

From Rachel