Safety equipment requirements for outrigger canoes

Safety Regulations (NSW) governing our sport. Refer to Schedule 5 Part 2 (7) of:


OC1/2/4/6 – carry PFD; flares/phone
OC1/2 – carry leg rope & suggest spare paddle
OC4/6 – 2 Bailer, tow rope, spare paddle

Harbour – as above except flares/phone only at night

OC4/6 – 1 strobe/2 fixed lights
OC1/2 – 1 fixed (or strobe)

For information on Canoe and Kayak Lights click here

For more information on vehicle safety and towing canoes see here: 

Q: Do we give way to ferry/tugs?

A: NO !!!  We only have to give way to large ships, trawlers and vessels being towed.

Its important to maintain your course and speed so the ferry knows where you are going… not cause the skipper to have to guess.   Better still plan your encounter so do not force your right of way.