Aprils Ettalong day summary

April’s Social day was a really amazing. The aim of the event, was to get all of our clubs together where we can paddle in a “social” environment together and meet new people with the same interests. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable, from those just beginners to experienced to warm the newbies.

How many people attended ?

We had approx 80 people come along for our event, 10 clubs, 9 x OC6’s and a few OC1 /2’s and a SUP.

How did the day start ?

We started the day late at 10am so that travellers from Sydney could arrive.  First job was to unload all 9 x OC6’s off the trailers and onto the beach ready to start.

We then called upon all the ladies to gather first, we then delegated out each person a number which corresponded with each OC6 which had a dedicated steerer. We then separated the males in the same format to fill the boats.  For each canoe, most of us were welcoming and saying hello for the 1st time to paddle with each other. We got in the boats and we paddled out to the end of the sandbar where the “runway” was made and the cheers of encouragement and the screams of joy surfing the (little) waves were heard.

While there was 1 group out surfing, we had another group doing novelty activities for the audience of paddlers needing a break. Consisting of tug-of-wars, paddlers can’t steer, and backwards paddling – these all brought some laughter to those in the boat and those on the sand watching.

What did everyone think ?

After a good 2 hours of paddling, everyone came back and had made new friends, plenty of excitement, encouragement & fun finished the day sweetly. The amount of smiles and laughter from everyone involved was truely touching. Most often we all get together to compete for Regattas, so to be able to just “enjoy” the sport and the canoe was really inspiring. The stories of how big the wave was, or how they watched another crew get swamped, or simply just how much fun they had are happy memories of the day.

Where are the photos from the day ?

You can find the photos of the event here on our facebook page

Will we do another Social Day at Ettalong ?

Absolutley! We will be looking at doing 1 or 2 next season 2016/2017 . We are just awaiting dates of the AOCRA’s Regattas first.