Committee Members

At Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club, we have a a passionate team of committee members who not only love to get out on the water, but are passionate enough to put some of the spare time into running the outrigger club.

Jim Papadopoulos - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

Graham Dutaillis


John Cates - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

John Cates

Vice President

I’m relatively new to Outrigging, having emigrated from Dragon Boat racing. I’m even worked on the committee and realising now I was too slow to step backwards however relish the roll .

If you enjoy the ocean, catching waves, seeing wildlife from the front row, witness a working harbour, competing, getting fit, having fun with fantastic people, then this is the sport for you.

It’s a fast dynamic sport offering opportunities to race in many exotic locations. Or it can just provide you with some fitness. It sure beats the gym. It has the capacity to suit anyone and everyone.

My goals include to oversee the continual growth of the club, make sure everyone enjoys their membership, facilitate new membership, see the junior team grow and race,  and also help build very competitive teams for every regatta.

See you on the water


Jim Papadopoulos - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

Kris Kell


Rachel mcgrath - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

Rachel McGrath


I have paddle with Newcastle club since moving to Newcastle in 2014 from central coast and truly love this city and padding in Newcastle, it offers protected harbour, rivers and creeks and ocean opportunities for day or night training and I just love to get out on the water all year round

I enjoy the team spirit we have at club. I love to compete in regattas and the opportunities to travel and do events like pan pacs master games & Norfolk Island Challenge 2020 inspire me to keep up the training and always like to learn from the more experienced paddlers we have at the club.

Whist on committee, I like to support the club and promote the sport of outrigging and Newcastle Outriggers Canoe Club. I often have my director’s hat on filming and photographing the sport I love, so we can share how great it is to be on our naturally beautiful water in a fun healthy sport like outrigging.

Karina Logan



Doug Checinski - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

Doug Checinski

Public Officer

I loved surfing the waves when I was younger and I also have been paddling in kayaks down the Barrington River rapids and I used to enjoy that. At the end of 2012 a friend of mine in a group that I was in invited me to come and try paddling on a double OC2 outrigger and then with other members of the group to come and try outrigger padding with the club’s canoes on Newcastle harbour. I liked this similar sport on the water and decided to pursue it further.

Since then I have been on been on the committee as the registrar and currently as the Treasurer. I have competed in regatta races around different club areas with challenging races like the 45km OC6 changes race from Kingscliff to Southport and the Nationals OC2 and OC1 races in Townville. I feel that outrigger paddling helps me with fitness and builds friendships within the club and with paddlers from other clubs and it is a lot of fun being on the water, which is different experience every time.

Stephem dawes - Committee Members - Newcastle Outrigger Canoe Club

Stephen Dawes

Head Coach

Helped get NOCC started with the help from Port Stephens Outrigger Canoe Club in Aug 2009.
30 years racing various catamarans & other peoples yachts; ex squash/tennis/league/car rally.
Started in dragon boats at Masters Games, Newcastle 2001, rep Aus 2003 -7 (China, Europe, Sabah). Oc’ing 2002 / now- raced in some great places with great crews incl Cook Is, Hamilton Is, Takapuna,  but not Hawaii, Norfolk Is, Samoa  yet.