“Pasha Dasha Grand Prix” OC6 Racing and Changes Racing

The Pasha Dasha is on Saturday 17th January, it is the 4th time we have hosted, Last event we hosted was 2013.

This year’s annual Pasha Dasha Outrigger Carnival was expected to be Newcastle’s largest canoe event. Final registrations to date we have a total of 54 teams total 30 in long course, 20 in short course 3 to 4 teams in Junior. Some teams will be staying the weekend.

All racing will centered around Horseshoe Beach from 8am.

The day will commence with shorter races of between 4 and 8 kilometres.

The attraction for canoeists is the exciting compact course, which includes both Newcastle Harbour and the ocean off Nobby’s Beach.

What makes this different is the changes occur from Horseshoe beach this reduces cost of a support boat for each team which follows the canoe with fresh crew out at sea for changes. Our format also helps paddlers not confident of doing ocean changes. They build better experience in a competitive situation.
The final race is 33.3 km changes races with crew members relaying half the crew in the water near Horseshoe Beach. Changes race starts 11.30 am crew changes are each lap around the first change should start from 12.15 pm

Horseshoe will also be the best location for spectators, as crews endeavour to swap paddlers with a minimum of time lost in the grueling marathon event. The Break Wall will also provide numerous vantage points for the public to take in the excitement.
The 33.3 km race will last about 3.5 hours
New South Wales teams from as far as Ulladulla, Canberra and Port Macquarie will be joined by contingents from Queensland possibly Canberra. Local paddlers will be well represented with 7 crews hoping to place well in the strong field.
Outrigger canoeing is one of Australia’s fastest growing water sports. This regatta is for the larger canoes which hold six paddlers. There are also single and double craft.

Spectators and competitors alike can expect a day of excitement and furious competition. 
A plus for this event, is the Public can see the action up close what usually happens out at sea.
Links to Pasha Dasha Videos 2013.Both have the same title start the first is a sequence from photos taken over the corse good shots of the outside action, the other is the action from Horseshoe Beach same race.

ENQUIRIES:   Stephen Dawes – Race Director, 0408594340 - stephendawes@ozemail.com.au

Isabel Purser – President – aimtrain@hotmail.com

Greg Coffin – Vice Pres  0423 530 712 – greg_coffin@yahoo.com
Petra Salna, Secretary – 04 1651 2362 – salna2@bigpond.com
Richard Thomson, Publicity – 0424 503 183 –  rnthomson@hunterlink.net.au



This is a great inspirational video that highlights some great images and words to inspire and motivate us all in our paddling journey.



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