winter paddling

Got a problem that needs your help…….

During Winter  (or any time) when its cold, dark, windy, raining you decide that you really should clear your head with an OC session. Before you can answer the question of “will I be the only one attending?” you have turned off the alarm and left your mates one person short.!


Couple of years ago, we had a sort of ‘diary’ happening where members would contact me if they were likely to attend a session. These people were then the first contact if for whatever reason (weather, lack of numbers etc) the session was to be cancelled.  Probably not important for you ‘locals’ but if travelling from the likes of Singleton, Bellbird, C’bong, Tronna or have arranged child care etc it really irks.


Yeh I know there are all sorts of fancy calendars hanging with Google and Yahoo.  But let’s KISS and simply send email if planning to attend & let a better system evolve???


Stephen Dawes

Coach NOCC